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This summer organizing with the Ella Baker Center has taught me the power of listening, and the power of hope. This is a reflection by a young organizer, who through the collaboration with community, has a message for Oakland: loved ones behind the walls are worth fighting for. There is hope for better quality of life and fair chances to advance in our society. It can be done!
#FreeBrit #FreeAlexis
Brittany Ferrell and Alexis Templeton, a married couple who lead Millenial Activists United, an activist collective created by queer black women in Ferguson, were arrested last Monday in a
This week brought more reflection about the state of the Black Lives Matter movement, protests in many cities, and the tragedy of a police killing in Oakland for the third time since June. The Bail Trap
This week marks the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death and therefore, this has been a week of reflection on what has changed since then. The answer seems to be a resounding: not enough, as there are plenty of injustices to report this week. How Ferguson Changed America
What does true safety look like? Last night, the Ella Baker Center tried to answer that question with Night Out for Safety and Liberation. The Lake Merritt Boulevard Amphitheater was packed with a diverse group of Oaklanders and people from around the Bay Area watching performers, getting to know each other, creating art, and learning about community groups.
This week, as with every other week in 2015, and likely before, has been punctured with the loss of Black lives at the hands of police and the criminal justice system. Here are this week's stories on the harsh realities and glimmers of hope in the criminal justice system. The Shooting of Samuel Dubose
Laura Browder, a single mother of a two and a six-year-old, had just moved to Houston and was trying to start her life there by getting a job. Called in for a last-minute job interview, she had no one to watch her kids, so she decided to bring them and station them 30 yards away in the food court. Her joy at being offered the job was crushed when she was arrested for “abandoning” her children despite the fact that she was close by.
Say Her Name
Let us remember that no woman is more likely to be murdered in America today than a Black woman. No woman is more likely to be raped than a Black woman. No woman is more likely to be beaten either by a stranger or by someone she loves and trusts than a black woman. Black women are the greatest demographic influenced by mass incarceration, yet very little academic literature or research studies this tragic escalation.
It’s been a big week for criminal justice news. Here are a few of the top news stories, essays, and must-read articles from this historic week, good and bad:
On June 28, 1969, police performed a routine raid of a gay bar in New York City called the Stonewall Inn. However, not so routine was the response of the patrons, who were tired of being discriminated against for their sexuality and gender identity by the police. They stood up against the police , who responded with violence, starting a three-day rebellion.