The Inside/Outside Fellowship is a new dual fellowship program designed to increase contributions to the Ella Baker Center’s policy work by people who are directly impacted by the policies we are advocating to change. It’s also an opportunity for directly impacted people to learn more about the criminal justice movement and the process for changing policies, while also receiving payment for their contributions and labor.

The Fellowship program consists of two, nine-month fellowships, one which is staffed by a currently incarcerated person, and the other by someone who is system impacted either by having a loved one incarcerated, or being formerly incarcerated themself. Both fellows will work hand-in-hand with the policy team and in coordination with the broader EBC organization to determine statewide policy priorities, shape reform narratives, and conduct grassroots organizing and awareness building within prison settings and the broader criminal justice movement.

Thanh Tran (he/him) is a mixed race, Vietnamese and Black, artist and organizer from Sacramento, California. Since March 2019 Thanh has been part of the San Quentin Inside Organizing Team supporting EBC with legislation from the inside. During the pandemic he has supported #StopSanQuentinOutbreak efforts for decarceration through writings and speaking to the media. Now he joins the policy team as our “Inside Fellow” for the Inside/Outside Fellowship, a program that aims to support systems impacted organizers through legislative training.

Isabella “Isa” Borgeson (she/they) is a queer, mixed race, white and Filipina poet, organizer, and educator from Oakland, California. Since June 2020, Isa has been supporting Ella Baker Center’s work in the #StopSanQuentinOutbreak coalition – a crew of community advocates calling for mass releases and large-scale decarceration in the wake of COVID-19 outbreaks across California state prisons. Isa first became involved with the Ella Baker Center community by participating in their Prison Mail Night program. She now joins the Policy Team as our “Outside Fellow” for the Inside/Outside Fellowship, a program that aims to support systems-impacted organizers through legislative training.