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What Would Ella Baker Do?
In celebration of her 110th birthday, bloggers look at how and why Ella Baker's work is still relevant today.
Ella’s Song is an a cappella piece written by Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon and performed by the famous heritage group called Sweet Honey in the Rock. 
A Letter to Ella Baker
What would you ask a badass activist?
Lessons on leadership and "making a contribution" from Civil Rights leader Ella Baker.
On the anniversary of Ella Baker’s birth and death, her radical model for social change lives on in the Dreamers.
Photo credit: Steve Rhodes via flickr On this past Black Friday, Walmart workers in San Leandro, California joined workers across the nation in demanding higher wages at the nation’s top employer.
Where Have the People Gone?
Despite a history of protest, Americans have signed away many of the freedoms that we pride ourselves on. Why?
People often criticize kids these days, but they forget that it takes a village.  One Bay Area organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area (BBBSBA) is challenging men to “Man Up” and volunteer as a Big Brother For a Day.
Have you wondered what meditation is all about but haven’t had the chance to do it? Or perhaps you are interested but want to make sure it will be a supportive environment that facilitates healing? We have organized the perfect day for you to learn.
Learn more about the life and motivation of Ella Baker Center's Executive Director Zachary Norris. This is an