Rana “Ray” Halpern is collaborative leader and entrepreneur with over 25 years of nonprofit finance experience. Growing up in Berkeley, she began her activism creating youth leadership, arts and education programs for queer communities of color that she is a part of. She has since spent decades providing financial growth strategy and operational expertise to organizations on the frontlines of racial, gender and restorative justice across the Bay Area. Her work is dedicated to building transformative change through economic empowerment while constantly examining the impacts of capitalism and wealth inequity on our communities.

Prior to joining Ella Baker Center, Rana served in senior leadership positions at Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice and Making Waves where she provided strategic thought partnership and implemented financial systems that led to significant operational growth. Her work focuses on building infrastructure and
framework to help advance the larger mission and vision.

Rana is a graduate of UC Berkeley and holds accredited professional accounting and
instructor credentials. Through her consulting work, she has been instrumental in
helping start up and sustain over 100 Bay Area non-profits, artist collectives and small
businesses. She also co-founded Super Juiced, a social enterprise rooted in radical self-
care that empowers Oakland youth with training and mentorship in the queer culinary space.

When she’s not working, Rana spends time with her daughter, family and beloved
community, cooking, listening to good music and exploring nature under the trees or at
the ocean.