Night Out for Safety and Liberation

Night Out for Safety and Liberation is an annual event which takes place on the first Tuesday of August where we redefine and re-imagine what public safety means for our communities.

Our goal is to change the conversation about public safety to be less focused on fear, punishment, and criminalization and more focused on how we can build equity and power by investing in our communities.

Night Out for Safety and Liberation began in 2013, as an alternative to the more police-centric National Night Out, which highlights police-community partnerships as the pathway to community safety. Too often, conversations about public safety revolve around policing and punishment. But safety is about more than that—it’s about having a living wage job, healthy food, healthcare, housing, education, and more.

Changing the narrative about what safety means is the first step towards winning reinvestment in the resources our communities need to thrive.


Through planned actions, forums, block parties, and a social media campaign under the umbrella #SafetyIs, we challenge the very meaning of what public safety is and what it entails. 

For the past five years, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights has hosted Night Out for Safety and Liberation in Oakland, organizing events where we highlight local initiatives to combat police violence and bring community members together to redefine public safety. In 2017, organizations hosted 29 events in 26 cities across the country. 


We provide art work, talking points, a social media guide, and other support to help your organization engage.

Will you join us as we change the national conversation about what safety means for our communities?

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