This summer, the Ella Baker Center will be launched our new Healing Through Action program. Police violence and incarceration have caused deep pain in our communities, and have stolen the lives of beloved family and friends. But healing from this loss cannot happen without getting justice. And justice would not be whole without healing. 

When Mama Barbara lost her son, Dujuan Armstrong, to police brutality in Santa Rita Jail, she rose up to demand justice. In doing so, she turned her pain into a powerful culture of care. Her healing actions help create a world in which no mother will ever have to mourn such a loss again. EBC’s Healing Through Action program is inspired by Mama Barbara and other brave leaders in our community.

The Healing Through Action program brings harmed families together into healing circles. These transformative circles will offer tools, modalities, and resources to begin a healing journey, which includes learning advocacy skills to lead the fight for justice. 

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