“A useful guide for how to heal a divided country.” – San Francisco Chronicle

If you don’t have your copy of DEFUND FEAR yet,

All proceeds benefit the Ella Baker Center.

As calls continue to grow for an end to police violence, for law enforcement budgets to be defunded, and for police to be abolished, more people than ever are now questioning what alternatives to the current policing system look like.

For decades, Zach Norris has been advocating for a new model of public safety, one that moves from punishment to accountability, from suspicion to relationships, and from isolation to participation. DEFUND FEAR is the blueprint to Zach’s vision of a system of care instead of cops and how we can build safe, healthy and strong communities.

Buy Defund Fear today! To get involved and put the vision laid out in the book to practice, become a member of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

We organize at:

  • the grassroots local level focusing on and funding,
  • the state level focusing on changing policy [to free our people], and
  • the national level changing the narrative on public safety to be less focused on fear and punishment, and more focused on having a living wage job, healthy food, and affordable childcare, healthcare, and housing. 

Join the Ella Baker Center and together we can organize to win jobs not jails, books not bars, and healthcare not handcuffs. We believe in the power of ordinary people to create change and community-driven solutions.