The Board of Supervisors holds a tremendous amount of power — let’s assert our collective political power and ensure our voices are heard! 

During the 2022 primary, one county supervisor seats will be up for election!

District 3

  • Alameda, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and portions of Oakland (Jack London Square, Chinatown, downtown, and East Oakland neighborhoods from Eastlake to Fruitvale)

The Board of Supervisors (BOS) vote on the annual Alameda County budget, including funding for county departments such as the Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney, Probation, and Behavioral Health. Importantly, the BOS has a significant impact on the conditions of Santa Rita Jail and Juvenile Hall.  

Another important Alameda County election is the District Attorney’s Race, get more information here.

We want to provide you with as many resources as possible so that you can make an informed decision.


Register to vote:

Most Alameda County Residents are qualified to vote! If you are a U.S. Citizen and resident of Alameda County chances are you qualify.

If you have a past conviction you can still register to vote!

You Can Register to Vote if

  • You were incarcerated at a state or federal prison and finished serving your term
  • You are currently on parole or probation
  • You are currently serving time in a county jail

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All registered voters in Alameda County will be sent a Vote By Mail ballot

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