Andrea Fernández, October 03, 2018

“No justice, no peace”

“What do we want? Accountability!”

Loud and empowered chants echoed throughout the morning of Tuesday, October 2nd, outside the Glenn Dyer Detention Center, where hundreds of community members and advocates gathered to demand accountability and transparency from Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern.

Photo by EBC member Carree Michel

What appeared to start off as a rainy fall morning quickly turned into a vibrant day shining with unity, community love, solidarity, and – above all – a demand for justice and accountability for our communities.

Photo by EBC member Carree Michel 

The protest outside Glenn Dyer featured speakers from many community organizations such as Urban Peace Movement, ACUDIR, Oakland Community Organizations, and the Public Health Justice Coalition. The speakers also included Civil Rights attorney Yolanda Huang and Barbara Doss, the mother of Dujuan Armstrong (who passed away while incarcerated in Santa Rita Jail this past June).

Photo by EBC member Carree Michel 

“It’s been four months and we still don’t have answers,” said Barbara Doss. “Like everyone else here I feel like the Sheriff doesn’t listen to anybody. I want answers and I want someone to be held accountable for what they’ve done to my family.

Photo by EBC member Carree Michel 

After a solemn moment of observance, activists picked up the 34 body bags which outlined the entrance perimeter of the jail and marched to the Alameda County Administration Building. The 34 body bags represent the 34 in-custody deaths that have occured under Sheriff Ahern’s watch since 2013. That’s 34 too many. 

This action took place on the same day as the release of What’s Up With Our Jails, an explosive report from Oakland Community Organizations that reveals multiple human rights violations and poor conditions in the Alameda County jail system.

Photo by EBC member Carree Michel 

“How many more must suffer before we reform policies and performance of the Alameda County jails and Sheriff’s Office?” said Richard Speiglman, volunteer leader of Oakland Community Organizations and member of the Kehilla Community Synagogue.

Upon the arrival to Alameda County Administration Building, a coffin and the 34 body bags were displayed outside, while community members and advocates made their way upstairs to the Board of Supervisors meeting, where they delivered public comment.

Photo by EBC member Carree Michel

“We are asking you to come to the table with us and listen to the community’s ask for an independent audit of the Sheriff” said Jose Bernal, Ella Baker Center Advocate and Organizer.“ We will continue to call on you to hold Sheriff Ahern accountable and do what’s right for the citizens of Alameda County.”

Couldn’t attend yesterday’s action? Join our campaign efforts to #AuditAhern.

Call your Alameda County Supervisor today and urge them to conduct an independent audit of the Sheriff’s department.

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