Our Work


The Ella Baker Center is a state-wide organization with deep roots in the Bay Area

We build on Miss Baker’s legacy with our programs that build community strength and develop leaders. We analyze the challenges facing our communities, develop innovative strategies, and guide action with a focus on tangible results.

Recognizing the many ways that change happens, we organize people-powered campaigns to replace harmful policies, reallocate resources, build strong leaders and generate opportunities so that all people and communities can thrive.

More about our work

In California
Our statewide work promotes smart solutions in communities, the Capitol, and at the ballot box. We make sure that communities of color and low-income communities have strong political power throughout the state. 

In Oakland
With all the pain and all of the promise that are realities in our city, Oakland is a proving ground for what is possible across our state. We're building a vibrant and healthy Oakland.

Our campaigns

Books Not Bars
Organizes the largest network of families of incarcerated youth and champions alternatives to California’s costly, broken prison system.

Green-Collar Jobs Campaign
Promotes solutions to pollution and climate change where every community will experience prosperity.

Heal the Streets
Trains Oakland youth to become community leaders and peace advocates.

Soul of the City
Places the well-being of Oakland directly in the hands of the community and honor the important role that each person plays in creating a vibrant and thriving city.