We Mentor Us is a leadership development initiative that fuels the movement leaders of tomorrow through building mutual power and mutual care. By investing in critical resources, knowledge, and care, the Ella Baker Center will empower the leaderful movement that our namesake charged us to create.

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Lateefah Simon 
Meadow Fund President

“Marlene’s vision for the Ella Baker Center and our movement as a whole is grounded in the values and qualities she holds as a leader. She is an unwavering advocate for racial and economic justice, an experienced organizer with communities across California, and an unfailing partner to the directly impacted. We Mentor Us will drive us forward in building futures of mutual power and mutual care.”

Since she was a young person, Marlene Sanchez has been part of the movement to end incarceration. Today Marlene is organizing and investing in the movement’s current leaders and the next leaders. At the Ella Baker Center, we are taking steps to ensure that our movement continues to invest in leaders from all backgrounds, who support each other for the sustainability of the movement, and together, take our movement to its next level.

“I’ve spent the entirety of my life organizing young people and building power with formerly incarcerated people to dismantle systems of oppression. In this new role, I am committed to continue nurturing radical vision, centering the leadership of the most impacted, and organizing local communities to realize that vision for political, economic, and restorative justice.”

Marlene Sanchez
Ella Baker Center Executive Director

For more information, please schedule a personal appointment with Director of Development Ash Lynette using this Calendly link or you can email them directly at ash@ellabakercenter.org

Support We Mentor Us, the Ella Baker Center, and the movement leaders of tomorrow by making a gift HERE

“I have always felt it was a handicap for oppressed peoples to depend so largely upon a leader, because unfortunately in our culture, the charismatic leader usually becomes a leader because he has found a spot in the public limelight.”

Ella Baker