State Policy Work

The Ella Baker Center Policy Team looks directly at our laws at the State level and works with policymakers, families across the state, and allied groups to pass legislation that promotes dignity and provides opportunity for communities that have historically been left out of policy considerations. That includes disenfranchised Black and Brown communities, and overlooked families with low income.

Check-out and share our resource for people in California prisons with 5-year enhancements on their current sentence for prior serious felonies. 

This toolkit is designed to be a specific resource for people impacted by SB 1393, and also a general resource for anyone interested in PC § 1170(d)(1) resentencing. Go to the webpage now to download the toolkit!


We supported the introduction of the “Martha Wright-Reed Just and Reasonable Communications Act” to restore the FCC’s authority to stop prison phone companies from charging incarcerated people and their families predatory rates. Prison phone companies have gotten away with charging exorbitant rates for way too long. Join us in standing up for vulnerable communities and support this bill, which would outlaw predatory rates and would make phone calls to and from prisons, jails and detention centers more affordable for families trying to stay connected. 

You can learn more about #PhoneJustice in this clip from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in which he quotes our Who Pays? report