Marady Chhim

Marady (they/them) is an organizer and advocate at Ella Baker Center. Their work focuses on decarceration efforts and coalition building in Alameda county.

Prior to joining Ella Baker Center, Marady worked on anti-deportation mobilization with Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus and Asian Prisoner Support Committee. They led freedom campaigns for incarcerated refugees’ releases from prison and detention. Additionally, they focused on expanding the conversation and narrative about ICE and CDCR’s collaborations.

Their passion for immigrant rights, abolition, and building people power comes from being a low income, 2nd generation Cambodian-American, and being raised through the donut shop community.
Marady is also interested in cultural memory, food sovereignty, and learning about herbalism. In their spare time, they enjoy creating traditional Cambodian dishes and befriending everyone’s dogs.