In Oakland

May 12, 2012
Join us for a celebration and unveiling of the Oscar Grant Ribbon Mural on Saturday May 12 th . Come honor the memory of Oscar Grant with activists, supporters and volunteers who helped create the mural.
May 30, 2012
Come party with us whether you're a veteran organizer, want to deepen connections in the community, or just interested in learning more about the Ella Baker Center and Soul of the City...

Solving the challenges before us starts in transforming our own neighborhoods and honoring the important role that each person plays in creating a vibrant and thriving community.

Throw Down for the Town with us on July 28th


Join us for the 2nd annual Oakland Service Festival. We have over 30 projects confirmed all over Oakland and our goal is to turn out 500+ volunteers to Throw Down for the Town. After volunteering in the morning, join us for a community festival at Snow Park. Hip-hop artist Mystic, a well-known Oakland native, will be our headliner.

Sign up to Volunteer for a Project

The projects range from community gardening, cleaning up litter, and painting schools. Browse our map or the list below to find the right project for you. Please email Alicia if you have questions.

And please also consider making a donation to support Throw Down

Service Projects: Mapped


Service Projects: By Category

Help with Childcare So Parents Can Participate (FULL)

Community Building and Wellness
Connect with Your San Antonio Neighbors
Build the Dimond through Play
Help Oaklanders Find Jobs
Help Mandela Cooperative Grocery Thrive (FULL)
Feed the Community (FULL)
Bring Books to Oakland Kids (FULL)

Cleanup and Beautification Projects
Beautify Serenity House
Beautify Fruitvale Plaza Park
Beautify Wood Park
Clean up Fruitvale Avenue
Beautify Mandela Parkway
Beautify Elmhurst United Methodist Church
Beautify the Oakland Peace Center
Beautify West Oakland Parks
Help Driver Park Thrive
Tree Planting in North Oakland
Clean Up Lake Merritt (FULL)
Make Trashcan Art (FULL)
Beautify Emerson Elementary (FULL)
Beautify Plymouth United Church of Christ (FULL)

Urban Gardens
Build a Garden in West Oakland
Green Chestnut Street
Grow the Stonehurst Edible Schoolyard
Build a Garden in Eastmont
Garden near Courtland Creek
Beautify the Bus Stop
Garden in West Oakland
Garden in the People's Victory Garden (FULL)
Garden in Lower San Antonio (FULL)

Outreach and Awareness
Talk with Voters about Education
Talk to Oakland about Food Access
Raise Hep C Awareness
Know Your Rights When Dealing with Police (FULL)


April 19, 2012
Join the Ella Baker Center and the Producers of Heist for the Oakland premiere of this explosive new documentary. Followed by a panel moderated by Jakada Imani and featuring local activists, the film's director, and a UC Berkeley Economist.
April 28, 2012
Want to see change in your community? This workshop highlights ways that communities across the country are coming together to solve some of our biggest challenges. Attend one of our workshops to learn more about how you hold the answer to bringing that change to your own neighborhood.
For Immediate Release: 10/7/2011 Contact: Meredith Fenton Director of Communications, Ella Baker Center (510) 533-3482 Lisa Curtis Communications Manager, Solar Mosaic (510) 872-9269 Solar Project Saves Vital Community Center over $100,000 and...
For Immediate Release: 10/3/2011 Contact: Abel Habtegeorgis Media Relations Manager (510) 428-3939 x232 (Oakland, CA) Oakland's Ella Baker Center for Human Rights has authored a letter urging Oakland City Council to reject the proposed youth curfew. The curfew was...
For Immediate Release: 9/1/2011 Contact: Abel Habtegeorgis Media Relations Manager (510) 428-3939 x232 * New video released today showcases a new model of solar development being pioneered in Oakland. Asian Resource Center Begins Crowdfunding Campaign for Solar ( More on...
Only about 40 percent of BART police officers appear to live in any of the 23 cities served by the agency, which critics say is certainly a factor behind the recent conflicts between the force and its passengers. Of the 102 BART Police Officer Association members whose home address and personal...
After a hard day of volunteering across Oakland cleaning up, planting gardens and helping at libraries, hundreds of Oaklanders got their boogie on Saturday at Mosswood Park for the first "Throw Down for the Town" put on by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. As part of Soul of the...