Thank you for helping the Ella Baker Center maintain strong connections with our community inside.

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: You can take advantage of a $20,000 matching gift to the Stamps Campaign. If you give today, your gift will be doubled! With your help, we are hoping to raise $40,000 to support efforts like our prison mail program. 

COVID19 has confirmed and amplified the need for connections across walls. Over the course of the pandemic  the amount of people our prison mail program corresponds with has quadrupled — going from writing with 2,000 people inside to now sharing critical information with over 8,000 people inside.

Your gift today helps keep these vital communication channels open.

Your gift supports:

  • Creating more critical resources like the Resentencing Toolkit, accessed by over 1,700 people inside and thousands of people online, that give people inside the resources they need to fight for their freedom 
  • Stronger statewide policy victories, knowing that the most innovative ideas for policy initiatives come from folks who understand what it means to live through the legal system. When we are in close organizing relationships with folks inside, we can organize better together and fight to achieve wins that get more people free.
  • More organizing across walls, including increasing the ability to stay in touch through our mail program or by phone in these uncertain times.
Dear Ash Lynette, I hope you are in good health and finally today they have me going to R&R to mail out this flower for you, and Ella Baker Center. I'm welling to make you more. If you think you could sele them for you guys, to help you out. I'm fine myself this is how I can help. Be good and make sure you have your mask on. Sincerely, Jesse

Above is an artistic collaboration between EBC organizers inside and outside. Jesse is an artist who is incarcerated, and offered to create these beautiful roses to support EBC. Darice Wong is an artist in our resource organizing committee, and created this stamp emblem inspired by Jesse’s work. Your support makes these meaningful connections possible!

Listen to our latest Ella’s Voice episode and hear from our outside resource organizer Arnie and inside resource organizer Glen on what the Stamps Campaign has meant to them.

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