Reclaim the Future


Reclaim the FutureReclaim the Future builds the leadership of young adults and develops our collective power to solve the problems facing our community. This workshop is the entry point for joining Soul of the City's membership.

The Reclaim the Future workshop is a journey designed to leave participants inspired to take action in their community. This powerful half-day experience uses multi-media tools combined with group activities and personal reflection.  

In 2011, we launched Reclaim the Future and hosted 6 workshops with 120 participants, providing 480 hours of leadership development to the Oakland community. 

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I've assumed that if I wanted to see something happen in my community, I have to wait for some other power or some entity to come in and set that up for me. And now I know that is the complete opposite of reality. I can do whatever I want to do.

- James, West Oakland resident

What People are Saying about Reclaim the Future:

"The workshop provided a great atmosphere with a diverse and open group of people who spoke freely and openly about issues of importance. I was personally moved and motivated by the questions that were asked, the answers that were given and the openness in which the dialogue was received."

"Moving. Inspiring. Activating."

"It was emotional and moving, concise and forward, open and free of judgement. I would come to every workshop Soul of the City offered."

"It was a great workshop for new social justice advocates, as well as a reminder to those who have been in the work for a while."