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LATEST EPISODE: Housing is a Human Right Housing segregation, displacement and the criminalization of the homeless was already a crisis in Oakland before the COVID-19 pandemic. Angelo Sandoval (Ella Baker Center Sr. Organizer and Advocate) and Anita De Asis Miralle aka Needa Bee (co-founder of Feed The People & The Village, owner of Oakland’s Original Lumia Lady & The Lumpia Shack) break down the challenges faced by Oakland’s unsheltered residents, and the recent violent attack on The Village in Oakland outreach workers by Oakland Police Department officers.

Life is More Sacred Than Property Protests across the country and in the Bay Area continue to grow after the racist murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. In Alameda County, Sheriff Greg Ahern tried to crack down on huge Bay Area protests by issuing a county-wide curfew, but Oakland community members turned out in force to rally and say “F*** Your Curfew.” This episode also features an interview with Ella Baker Center Executive Director Zach Norris and a speech by the one and only Ms. Baker.

The Looming Crisis Inside Santa Rita Jail

As a growing number of staff and incarcerated people have tested positive for COVID-19 inside Santa RIta Jail in Alameda County, Jose Bernal (Ella Baker Center Organizing Manager) and Amber Akemi Piatt (Health Instead of Punishment Program Director, Human Impact Partners) throw a spotlight on the notorious Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern.

COVID-19 vs. Tough On Crime Rhetoric

Ella Baker Center State Campaigner James King breaks down how “violent criminal” rhetoric leaves some of the most vulnerable people at risk and harms the public health of our communities inside and outside prison walls.

Solution Salon: Community Safety and COVID-19

As the Bay Area shelters in place in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ella Baker Center holds a virtual town hall to share resources and information on how community members can organize for justice during the pandemic.