Is that policy you read about really going to help end the War on Drugs? Use these seven key definitions to figure it out.
A coalition of celebrities, advocates, and faith leaders are calling for an end to the failed War on Drugs. How viable are the policies they're promoting?
Whenever I look at statistics about the failed War on Drugs, I always hear these lyrics from “White Lines” in my head: A street kid gets arrested, gonna do some time He got out three years from now just to commit more crime A businessman is caught with 24 kilos He’s out on bail...
Join Russell Simmons, Harry Belafonte, Jamie Foxx, and 175 other superstars calling for common sense policies that will help stop the mass incarceration crisis.
Jakada Imani, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, shares his story of the damage the Drug War does to families without making any of us safer.
70,000 people took part in successful online action demanding that Florida Atlantic University reverse a deal to put GEO Group's name on a new football stadium.
On April 4th, the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Oakland’s own East Bay Meditation Center invites you to gather and explore what the dream of beloved community looks like today.
Who’s a better choice to intervene when it comes to youth violence: a trained professional or a family friend? Our 2012 Heal the Streets Fellows put together this interactive video that invites you to explore how Oakland communities responded by experiencing their creative approach for...
The Ella Baker Center has always been blessed with good people – donors, allies, folks like you who do not hesitate to put their power behind the vision of justice and sustainable prosperity for all. Thanks to that people power, we’ve had a lot of success in the last few years with our...
Kiante Campbell's tragic death at last month's First Friday Art Murmur brought home to every person in Oakland how violence affects us all. Find out how you can be a part of developing real solutions for addressing violence in Oakland.