We are proud to share our 2011 Year in Review to celebrate just some of the accomplishments our community achieved together.
Tune in via live stream to Jakada Imani's address at Netroots Nation.
Contact Media Relations Manager Abel Habtegeorgis (510) 910 - 2672 The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is disappointed with the State Senate’s failure to pass common-sense drug reform on May 31, 2012. Senator Mark Leno’s historic bill to make felony drug possession a misdemeanor, co-...
From beginning to end, moving my money was way easier than I could've expected, and the satisfaction of having done it way greater than I imagined.
Our guide to the CA ballot measures and Alameda County measures for the June 5th election.
Until May 6th, Alan Blueford was a Skyline High School senior preparing for graduation. Now his family is mourning his death at the hands of the Oakland Police Department. Read a statement about the incident from the Bluefords. Tonight, Oaklanders will be joining Alan's family at a rally in...
Ranked Choice Voting is good for democracy in Oakland. So why is City Council considering putting a ballot initiative to repeal RCV?
Tomorrow, I will join my team from the Ella Baker Center and thousands of people in the streets for the May Day March for Dignity and Resistance. I’m marching because I know that my work as an activist stands on the shoulders of the movements that came before me. May Day has long been known...
Families for Books Not Bars member, Lina, needs your help to end the abusive use of solitary confinement against Californian youth.
We are excited to share the news of the release of Rebuild the Dream, the new book from Ella Baker Center co-founder Van Jones. We talked with Van about the book and his current work to restore the movement for hope and change.