Join Me: Make Change Happen

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the newest member of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights staff. I have officially come on board as the Digital Communications Associate and I look forward to connecting with you on all of our digital platforms

My name is Norma Orozco and I come from a small coastal town in Northern California. I came into the digital world by chance and have loved every minute since. My belief is that social media is a powerful tool which is ever changing. My goal is to use social media and other digital communications to help you, yes you, turn your hours online into action and real tangible change.

Why the Ella Baker Center? I consider myself an avid social justice and human rights advocate. When I came across the Ella Baker Center I was in search not only for a new job but for a career with a purpose. I want to use my skills to help make a real difference in the lives of those most ostracized and marginalized within American society.

The Ella Baker Centers commitment to social justice and community activism mirrors my own. I see myself as a resource for you. I am employed by the Ella Baker Center, but in the end myself, and this organization, are working for you. We are envisioning a future without mass incarceration, one where your wealth doesn't define your freedom, where communities of color are not under constant policing, and where young Brown and Black kids learn how to read before they must learn how to behave in front of law enforcement.

I strive to create a better world, where we acknowledge people's humanity and believe in restorative justice, community power, and people over profits. I was born into the age of mass incarceration, and I have never known a world free of it, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. We continue to make the impossible a reality, and I know that the prison system which exists today is unjust. And with your help, we will transform it. I am here, to work with you, for you, to create a future we can all be proud of.

Now is your chance to go beyond this moment you have shared with me and invest in the movement. Make your time online count. Each second online can make a difference, can be the change, and it all starts with you. Right now you have the opportunity to take action from wherever it is you are. Like us on Facebook, follow me on twitter, and get ready to change the world.