Celebrate 20 Years With Us: #Roots2Liberation

This year is the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights' 20th anniversary—we hope that you will join us in celebrating and honoring our revolutionary roots and giving light to our liberated futures. 

Our anniversary celebration, From Revolutionary Roots to Liberated Futures, will take place in Oakland on Thursday, September 8th—tickets are now on sale.

We look forward to celebrating with you in person in September— and in addition to our anniversary event, we will be honoring our history and sharing our vision for the future with a blog series this summer: #Roots2Liberation. 

When the Ella Baker Center was founded in 1996, we began as Bay Area PoliceWatch, one of the first organizations in the country with the mission of holding police accountable. After two years of working with allies to mobilize the community, we won our first major campaign victory when San Francisco police officer Marc Andaya was fired for the killing of Aaron Williams and his history of violence against people of color.

And throughout our 20 year history, we have worked to advance people-powered campaigns to win power, prosperity, and opportunity in our communities:

All of these victories would not have been possible without your support. Looking ahead to the next 20 years, we see an incredible opportunity of what we can win together: an end to mass incarceration and criminalization, and reinvestment in our communities.

We hope that you will follow along with #Roots2Liberation this summer as we honor our roots by celebrating some of the people who made our campaign victories possible, and as we share our vision for how we will win liberated futures for our communities.