#FreeBrit #FreeAlexis

Brittany Ferrell and Alexis Templeton, a married couple who lead Millenial Activists United, an activist collective created by queer black women in Ferguson, were arrested last Monday in a protest commemorating the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder.

Along with other freedom fighters, they shut down the Interstate-70 freeway and stood their ground when a car attempted to drive through anyway and potentially run over protesters.

A few days ago, we reached out for you to call to demand their release while they were in jail.

They were indeed released, however, they have been unjustly charged with crimes. Brittany faces up to 4 years in jail on a charge of property damage for allegedly kicking the car that was trying to run her over. Alexis was charged with misdemeanor assault.

Both were charged with disturbing the peace and trespassing, generic crimes that essentially punish them for protesting.

In order to fight these allegations, they need legal assistance. You can donate here to help them and other Ferguson protesters gain proper legal representation.