Would You Be Ok With Not Knowing?

More than 5 months ago I attended an incredibly sad event in Oakland that unfortunately has been common place in the city I call home. It was the funeral of a young black teenager slain on the streets of Oakland- Alan Blueford.

Thats not where the story ends though. Alan Blueford was shot and killed by Officer Miguel Masso of the Oakland Police Department.  And the incident raises some serious questions about use of force and reeks of cover-up at the highest levels.

Since the shooting death, the parents of Alan Blueford have been lied to and run through the ringer with the police department. Meanwhile, Office Masso has been on paid administrative leave.

Here is the kicker: The Oakland Police Department still refuses to provide the police report. Meaning that the family still has little official information about what happened on the night of their son’s death.

What's clear is that Oakland Police Department has had more than enough time to complete an investigation and release the report. This whole case has been filled with  misinformation and deception of the highest form from a police department that is already being supervised by a federal monitor with possible federal receivership looming.

I got to meet the family at Alan’s  funeral. It was heartbreaking to hug them and see the frustration and bewilderment in their eyes. What rung in my head repeatedly as I left was a question made by one of the speakers,” What if this was your son? Your brother? Your best friend? Would you be ok with not knowing....would you?

I wouldn’t.

Please take a second and stand with the Family of Alan Blueford demanding answers for the murder of their son.