Two Important Bills on Governor Brown's Desk


For the past 3 years, we've pushed for ways to make sure people who are most vulnerable to climate catastrophe are first in line to be protected from its most devastating effects. As we see the results of climate change already hitting California's communities, this effort becomes more urgent than ever.

After all this work, we're almost there. With your support and that of our allies, we pushed Senator Kevin de Leon's SB 535 through the California legislature. If Governor Brown signs it, this could mean hundreds of millions of dollars of investment into communities that need the most. 

Our work on SB 535 began with the simple idea that Californians who are most impacted by poverty and pollution should benefit from our State's Cap and Trade program. Yet, Big Oil and our elected officials took a while to convince. Finally, after three years of work in Sacramento, this simple idea can become a reality. 

Governor Brown now has a chance to make a real difference for California. Tell him to sign SB 535 and its partner bill AB 1532.

The state's soon-to-start Cap and Trade program will generate billions of dollars by charging polluters for the pollution they cause.  SB 535 requires 25% of this money to go to projects that benefit disadvantaged communities. And 10% must go to projects in disadvantaged communities.

AB 1532 by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez requires the state to be smart about how to allocate the cap and trade money. It requires the Administration to create a 3 year plan for how to use the money to maximize economic, environmental and public health benefits for the California.

Cap and Trade revenue should be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But it should also be used to protect the most vulnerable from the worst effects of climate change and lift up disadvantaged communities.

Both SB 535 and AB 1532 must be signed for either of them to become law. Tell Governor Brown to sign them today.