I March For...

Tomorrow,  I will join my team from the Ella Baker Center and thousands of people in the streets for the May Day March for Dignity and Resistance.

I’m marching because I know that my work as an activist stands on the shoulders of the movements that came before me. May Day has long been known as the International Day of the Worker. And I am grateful to the millions of labor activists worldwide who have time and again stood up for every worker’s right to a safe job where they are compensated and treated fairly.

May Day is also used to bring attention to the experiences and struggles of immigrants. So I will march to demand the right of every human being-no matter their citizenship status-to live to their fullest potential.

I’m marching because solidarity is a powerful thing. When people move together, we are stronger. Throughout history, most of the progress our people have made has come because we’ve worked across movements and across issues to achieve change.

I’m excited to be in the streets with thousands of people committed to justice. No matter our reasons for marching, the Bay Area will come together in the celebration of people power and continue the long walk towards collective liberation.

Why are you marching?  Download this simple sign and take a photo with the reasons you are marching. Send it to us at ellasvoice@ellabakercenter.org, or Tweet your photo with the hashtags, #M1GS and #Imarchfor.