Families for Books Not Bars

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Families for Books Not Bars is California's network for families of incarcerated youth. We are parents, grandparents, siblings and relatives whose children are caught in the juvenile justice system. We know all too well that DJJ prisons fail to offer rehabilitation, education, or opportunity to our children. We have had to watch a system that is supposed to guide and help our children, instead abuse and neglect them. We know firsthand that the system not only harms our children, it also traumatizes our families.

Families for Books Not Bars provides:

  • A community and collective voice for families experiencing the horrors of California’s youth prisons;
  • Individual support;
  • Resources and information;
  • Training and opportunities to engage in public education, advocacy, media, legislative outreach and mass mobilizations.   

Across the state, we have more than 1,000 members, and are growing. Families for Books Not Bars breaks the isolation and despair we experience by providing a network for peer support, leadership development, and empowerment. Through Books Not Bars, we gain the skills and opportunities to transform California into a state that invests in all of its young people and communities.

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