Over the years, our campaigns and projects have developed a diverse library of resources and tools. From Know Your Rights guides to Green Job Tools, we hope you will find our Tools section useful.

Resources for Job Seekers

A list of green job training programs in the East Bay Area and a few exceptional programs throughout California. All programs below (besides some community colleges) are free and designed specifically for adults facing barriers to employment. To learn about starting a green job training program, check out Making Green Work.

Making Green Work

For years, people have asked us for guidance on how to create green-collar job training programs in their own communities. Now, we’re making it easier for you to learn what we’ve learned. We are excited to provide this guide containing best practices and lessons learned from a range of successful programs in California.  

Know Your Rights

Over the years, we have provided a combination of social and legal services while mobilizing the grassroots.  This resource was developed as part of our Bay Area Police Watch program and helps you know what to do when interacting with the police.

Move Your Money 

Big banks in California have been at the root of the foreclosure crisis. And even after getting bailed out, they spent tens of thousands of dollars lobbying against SB729, which would have increased transparency and accountability in our State’s mortgage market. As a community, we say, "No More!" Make a commitment today to transfer your accounts to smaller credit-unions and local banks that put people before profit.  This handy guide tells you how and helps you find a local bank near you.

Create Climate Action Toolkit

Does your city have a Climate Action Plan? This toolkit tells the story of how the Oakland Climate Action Coalition pushed Oakland, CA to adopt one of the boldest, most equitable climate action plans in the country. It's a resource to help you to create a Climate Action Plan for your city, whether you're a community member, organizational leader, or a policymaker.