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Slow Steps to Freedom

But a recent report by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, Calif., found that the impact of incarceration is often economically crippling for former inmates and their families. According to the study, 67 percent of former prisoners surveyed were unemployed or underemployed five years... Read More

Get Stopped by the Police? There’s an App for That

“It isn’t just an app that records the police. It basically includes all of your rights around filming the police, what’s acceptable for the police to do and what’s not acceptable, so it’s a teaching tool as well,” Patrisse Cullors, director of truth and... Read More

Oakland residents plead for action to address housing crisis

John Jones III, who works with the nonprofit Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and several other organizations, said he's given his life to Oakland but isn't sure he can afford to stay. Oakland has lost almost a quarter of its black population in the last decade, officials said. The new... Read More

Google to Bay Area: Vote for boldest nonprofit ideas decided to reinvest in four of last year’s winners, seeing them as poised to scale even more, Steele said. It’s giving $1 million to the Ella Baker Center , split between two projects: #BlackLivesMatter/Mobile Justice CA app, a tech approach to ending police violence against... Read More

5 Examples of How Housing Background Checks Reveal Systematic Discrimination

The “Who Pays? ” report from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, released earlier this month, found that 79 percent of the people they surveyed were denied or discouraged from housing they were seeking due to past convictions. The “Locked Out” report takes a deeper dive... Read More

A Mother Struggles to Bear the Financial Burden of Her Son’s Incarceration

A recent report by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Forward Together found that it is women who most often bear the financial and emotional burdens of a loved one’s incarceration — including the costs of staying in touch. Alicia Walters is movement-building director at Forward... Read More

New report: women pay price for incarcerated family members

“The reports shows that it’s our families and our communities that have paid the price for one woman’s, or one man’s, mistakes of getting involved in the criminal justice system,” said Darris Young, a community organizer with the Ella Baker Center and the event’s... Read More

Families, especially women, are hit hardest by hidden costs of incarceration

A recent survey of more than 700 formerly incarcerated people and 368 family members of formerly incarcerated people found that the cost of lock-up is too great for most families, and the impact can last for years after a person’s release. The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights , a nonprofit... Read More

Families also pay the high price of imprisonment

When you have an incarcerated loved one, you face your own kind of imprisonment. You are confined to paying exorbitant costs for phone calls, legal fees, food packages and travel for visits. You are sentenced to the same number of years as the one you love – only your prison term is served in... Read More

Government policies based on racist myths help dissolve black families

On Wednesday, a new stud y by Ella Baker Center for Human Rights , Forward Together and Research Action Design put the lie to our self-serving fictions. The disproportionate criminalization of African Americans has served to reinforce segregation and income inequality over generations, and African... Read More