Mayor Dellums to Speak at Rally

(OAKLAND,CA)-On March 30, the Oakland City Council has an important meeting to discuss and review a summary of Oakland's Energy and Climate Action Plan (ECAP) to reduce green house gas emissions and fight global warming in Oakland. The Oakland Climate Action Coalition will be hosting a rally that same day prior to the meeting to not only ensure that Oakland meets its climate goals, but does so equitably by passing the Coalition's policy recommendations. The recommendations will create green-collar jobs, cut dangerous emissions and save residents money.

WHAT: Oakland Climate Action Coalition Rally & City Council review of ECAP
WHEN: March 30, 4:30pm
WHERE: Oakland City Hall
WHO: Oakland Climate Action Coalition;

  • Energy Conservation Options President and CEO Dahlia Moodie
  • Alameda Building Trades Council Secretary-Treasurer Andreas Cluver
  • Oakland City Council President Jane Brunner Oakland Council Council District 3 Nancy Nadel

Last year, Oakland set one of the most ambitious climate goals of any city in the United States. The Coalition celebrated its first victory toward meeting unprecedented climate goals (reducing Oakland emissions to 36% below 2005 levels by 2020, and to 85% below 2005 levels by 2050) when Oakland City Council unanimously approved the targets as part of the city's Energy & Climate Action Plan. Through the work of the Oakland Climate Action Coalition, we demonstrated the most vibrant and diverse community involvement seen in any city developing an Energy and Climate Action Plan.

As early as September of this year, Oakland City Council will vote on a comprehensive Energy and Climate Action Plan detailing how Oakland will meet  climate targets. Our vibrant cross-sector coalition of labor, business, social justice and environmental organizations has a critical set of recommendations for the plan, which include:

  • Institutionalize a free, multi-tiered energy efficiency audit program that trains and employs youth and adults facing barriers to employment in conducting basic, entry-level, and/or home performance building energy auditing under the supervision of non-profit partners and/or licensed contractors. During these audits, provide residents with a comprehensive list of free and subsidized home improvement services based on income
  • Enhance and implement land use and transportation plans and design review standards that zone for and encourage high density, mixed use residential and transit-oriented development near transit hubs along major transit corridors including affordable housing for a range of incomes reflecting Oakland’s demographics and housing needs, retail, services and employment opportunities for Oakland residents – particularly for low-income families.
  • Develop local food-based microenterprises by creating five small-scale commercial kitchens in underserved areas of Oakland by 2015
  • Restructure Oakland's Municipal Code, Garbage Franchise Agreement, and Residential Recylcing Service Contracts and rates to (1) provide incentives for families, businesses, and collection service providers to reduce waste; (2) require the collection of composting and yard- waste for all buildings.

The Oakland Climate Action Coalition has hosted 9 community engagement workshops in the flatlands of Oakland to hear the input of high school students, union members, green businesses owners and employees and other every day Oakland folks.

Last year, hundreds of people engaged in our neighborhood workshops in West Oakland, Chinatown and East Lake, North Oakland, Fruitvale and East Oakland. And over 400 Oakland residents gathered to support the Oakland Climate Action Coalition at the Community Convergence for Climate Action last November.