Solution Cannot be Found In an Ineffective City-Wide Youth Curfew

For Immediate Release: 10/3/2011
Contact: Abel Habtegeorgis
Media Relations Manager
(510) 428-3939 x232

(Oakland, CA) Oakland's Ella Baker Center for Human Rights has authored a letter urging
Oakland City Council to reject the proposed youth curfew.  The curfew was introduced by Oakland City Council members in response to the rates of violence in Oakland.

It is the position of the Ella Baker Center that:
(Taken from Letter*) Measures, like curfews, may negatively impact public safety. Such strategies farther dive a wedge between young people and the police. This results in undermining community and police collaboration, sometimes even discouraging community cooperation with law enforcement that is essential to effectively promotes public safety in our communities.”

The letter also highlights research (*1999 Western Criminology Review) highlighting youth curfews as ineffective at promoting public safety pointing out that the framing of this curfew blames and criminalizes youth who are too often the victims of violence in our community.

The Oakland City Council will be reviewing the Youth Curfew at the City Council meeting on October 4th at 5:30 where members the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights will present their concerns.