SB 535 (de León) CA Climate Change Community Benefits Fund

Community Benefits Fund policy clears important legislative hurdle, passes State Senate

For Immediate Release: 6/3, 2011
Contact: Abel Habtegeorgis
Media Relations Manager
(510) 428-3939 x232

California State Senate bill 535, authored by State Senator Kevin de León (D – Los Angeles), has cleared an important legislative hurdle, the bill was approved by the State Senate 22-XX on Thursday, June 1, 2011.  The bill is now headed to the Assembly where it will first need to be voted out of committees, before the required Assembly floor vote that will send it to the Governor for his signature.  

However, the bill will need some unpredicted additional work in the Assembly. When the bill passed the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday, May 27, it surfaced on May 31 with unexpected amendments, including an elimination of the language that required a minimum of 10% of AB 32 revenues to be directed into the fund.  The author and co-sponsors are committed to ensuring this language is recovered. Thankfully, Senate leadership has agreed to work with the author and Assembly to ensure the language is preserved.  

SB 535 (de León) would help fulfill the promise in AB 32 to protect and strengthen California’s most impacted and disadvantaged communities.  As envisioned by the author and co-sponsors, the bill would require a minimum of 10% of revenues from AB 32’s market-mechnism(s) to be invested in these neighborhoods to enhance or initiate projects that reduce emissions, and help communities confront the climate crisis.