New Report Highlights Stimulus's Impact on Green Growth in California

For Interviews with representatives of the California Green Recovery Network and/or receive a copy of the report please contact Abel Habtegeorgis at 510-910-2672 /

The California Green Recovery Network (CGRN) released a report today that breaks down the impact of the Stimulus on California's Green Economy. The report includes key findings and recommendations of CGRN almost two years after the Obama Administration unveiled the Recovery package to the American people. Small but key provisions of the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) focused specifically on invigorating the green economy.

"The AARA was the the largest public investment in our economy in decades," said Ian Kim of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, "But we still must address the shortcomings in the Act that prevented it from being the job-creating antidote for California's unemployment woes."

The report's findings include analysis around:

  • Stimulus spending and it's timeliness
  • Administrative challenges with green job training programs
  • Federal requirements that ensure the development of career-track, quality, and family supporting jobs

The CGRN, formerly the California Green Stimulus Coalition, is one of the nation's only statewide alliances focused on the green impacts of the ARRA. Its member organizations are many of California's most influential and respected organizations advocating for the environment, economic justice, organized labor and a strong workforce. The Network continues to advocate for investments that advance California's long-term environmental goals, create high quality jobs and lead to high-road economic development.