Cap and Trade Funds Could Be Used to Support Projects In Low-Income Communities Across the State

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Bills on Governor’s Desk Would Authorize Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Investments to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Disadvantaged Communities

(SACRAMENTO,CA) - Communities throughout California will benefit from two pieces of legislation awaiting the governor's signature that would direct a portion of funds from the state’s forthcoming cap and trade program to disadvantaged communities. SB 535 (de León) and AB 1532 (Pérez), sponsored by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, would use state-collected monies to help Californians who suffer from the highest rates of pollution and are least able to confront the expected impacts of the climate crisis at a local level.

  • The state's soon-to-start cap and trade program will generate billions of dollars by charging polluters for the pollution they cause. SB 535 requires 25% of this money to go to projects that benefit the most disadvantaged communities. And 10% must go to projects located within the most disadvantaged communities.
  • AB 1532 requires the state to be smart about how to allocate cap and trade money. It calls on the Administration to create a 3 year plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with goals to maximize economic, environmental and public health benefits for the California.

“Cap and trade revenue should be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” noted Ella Baker Center for Human Rights Executive Director Jakada Imani, “ But it should also be used to protect the most vulnerable from the worst effects of climate change and to lift up disadvantaged communities.”

The Ella Baker Center has launched an action urging the Governor to pass both laws so that hundreds of thousands of families can benefit from a greener, healthier future.