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Fight brewing over historic California plan to close last three youth prisons

California, often a trendsetter, could make history if it approves Gov. Jerry Brown’s bid to close all state-run youth prisons and eliminate its state Division of Juvenile Justice. Much depends, though, on whether the state’s politically influential prison guards, probation officers and... Read More

Today on Your Call: The Dream vs. The Gap

Listen Here The On Today's Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about the economic realities of white, black and brown Americans. According to the Pew Research Survey, two out of three Americans now perceive strong social conflicts over the income gap — up sharply from two years ago... Read More

Activists Oppose LA County Jail Expansion, Call for Release of Prisoners Instead of More Prisons

Listen to this segment | the entire program Based on a US Supreme Court decision in 2011 to uphold a ruling for California to reduce overcrowding in its prisons, twenty five counties in this state are being invited to apply for billions in funding to expand their jail systems. The money is being... Read More

Behind Governor's Plan to Close State's Juvenile Justice System

Jerry Brown offers counties more money to house the most dangerous young offenders For the second time in one year, Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed permanently closing the Division of Juvenile Justice, a move that would make California the first state in the nation to eliminate its youth prison... Read More

Gov. Brown proposes shutting juvenile prison system (again)

Almost a year after seemingly giving up on the idea, Governor Jerry Brown again announced that he’ll close the Division of Juvenile Justice, California’s youth prison system. The DJJ, known as the California Youth Authority (CYA) until a lawsuit prompted a system overhaul and inspired a... Read More

Brown proposes to shut down youth prison system

SACRAMENTO, CA - California's youth prison system may soon cease to exist, ending a notorious legacy that included 23-hour cell confinements, using cages as punishment for misbehaving and staff beatings, sometimes caught on tape. The McIvers have been working with the Ella Baker Center for Human... Read More

California nears 'First to Close Youth Prisons' title

Families, youth, human rights groups hail Gov. Brown's aim to close youth prisons for brighter future with safer communities and more peaceful families California families and youth along with human rights groups, such as Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, are hailing Governor Brown's proposal... Read More

Gov. Jerry Brown calls for a historic shuttering of the state's notorious youth prison system

Following years of failed attempts to better serve juvenile offenders and the public's safety, California's once-sprawling youth corrections system may soon bow to a final, unprecedented strategy: shutting its locked gates for good. Budget pressure in a system with annual costs of $200,000 per ward... Read More