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Will young people revolt against shrinking economic opportunity?

LISTEN TO THE SHOW On the next Your Call, we'll have a conversation about how current economic circumstances are translating into activism amongst young people. Total unemployment for people between 16 and 25 is about 25%. How did lack of economic opportunity fuel the Arab uprisings in Egypt and... Read More

BART police officers live outside service lines

Only about 40 percent of BART police officers appear to live in any of the 23 cities served by the agency, which critics say is certainly a factor behind the recent conflicts between the force and its passengers. Of the 102 BART Police Officer Association members whose home address and personal... Read More

Group protests at Ventura Youth Correctional Facility

Nearly 70 people gathered Sunday for a protest rally at the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility in Camarillo. Chanting "Books not bars! Schools not jails!" those who attended came from across the state, hoping to bring attention to abuses they say are occurring within the facility. Jaime... Read More

[Spanish] Opciones para el traspaso de los prisioneros

SACRAMENTO, California.— A fin de que el traspaso de 33,500 reos de las prisiones estatales a las cárceles de los condados tenga éxito a largo plazo, la no partidista Oficina del Analista Legislativo (LAO) recomendó a los legisladores antes de terminar el ciclo fiscal llevar a cabo un foro... Read More

Group to protest outside Camarillo youth detention facility

A civil-rights group will stage a protest Sunday in front of the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility in Camarillo, alleging the facility and others like it are abusing their juvenile wards. "We need to call attention to these abuses," Abel Habtegeorgis, a spokesman for the Ella Baker... Read More

Hundreds of Oaklanders volunteer for city-wide “Throw Down” service day

Over 200 Oaklanders spent Saturday cleaning up parks, gardens and bus stops, or volunteering at 24 other service sites throughout the city for the first-ever “Throw Down for the Town” event. Organized by the Ella Baker Center, the event brought neighbors out to help beautify their... Read More

Oakland throws it down at Mosswood Park

After a hard day of volunteering across Oakland cleaning up, planting gardens and helping at libraries, hundreds of Oaklanders got their boogie on Saturday at Mosswood Park for the first "Throw Down for the Town" put on by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. As part of Soul of the... Read More

[Spanish] El cambio climático no es el blanco

SAN FRANCISCO.— Una encuesta realizada a residentes de California refleja poca sensibilidad de la comunidad anglosajona en temas como el calentamiento climático o la contaminación del aire. El ejemplo más evidente de esta despreocupación fue la respuesta a la pregunta: "¿Está... Read More

Oakland's "Throw Down for the Town" Set For Saturday

"Hundreds of volunteers will work this week on 25 service projects in Oakland. KGO's Scott Lettieri reports on the community-based gathering, called "Throw Down for the Town." The day is meant for the community to come together and take ownership of their..."... Read More

First 'Throw Down for the Town' service festival is Saturday in Oakland

OAKLAND -- More than 200 people are slated to come out Saturday ¿to work on about two dozen service projects in Oakland, organizers from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights said. The event, called Throw Down for the Town, will have people garden, clean, build, restore wetlands and even... Read More