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Oakland's Energy and Climate Action Plan can still be realized even with city deficits

As Earth Day nears - held annually on April 22 - Oaklanders are thinking hard about how to implement Oakland’s landmark Energy and Climate Action Plan at a time when city and state resources are dried up. The Oakland plan is viewed as cutting edge because of its aggressive targets for... Read More

The future of juvenile justice

This morning, KALW’s Your Call had a great show about the future of juvenile justice, featuring reformer-turned-probation-chief David Muhammad, recently hired to take over operations in Alameda County and James Bell of the W. Haywood Burns Institute. Owen Li of the Ella Baker Center’s... Read More

In Oakland, A Creative Strategy for Financing the City's Solar Roofs

The city of Oakland, Calif., is getting its residents to help build out a clean energy economy, one solar tile at a time. By selling 5,000 tiles at $100 each to locals, the city is aiming to piece together entire rooftop solar arrays at seven budget-strapped schools, youth centers and houses of... Read More

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights makes film, wins award

OAKLAND -- A film made by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights highlighting the injustices and solutions to California's youth prison problem has won a 2010 Prevention for a Safer Society award. The film, "Learning From Our Mistakes: Transforming Juvenile Justice in California," lays out a... Read More

Voters Say Less Jail Time For Heroin and Cocaine Users, Poll Shows Source: The Bay Citizen

A majority of California voters favor lower penalties for smalltime drug users and many would support political candidates in favor of such reform, according to a statewide poll released Monday. A survey of 800 likely California voters found that 73 percent support reducing the penalty for... Read More

Most California voters say possessing small amount of illegal drugs should be misdemeanor, not felony

A strong majority of California voters believe the penalty for possession of a small amount of an illegal drug for personal use should be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, according to a poll released Monday by organizations seeking to relax drug laws. DOCUMENT: Read the report on the drug... Read More

California Corrections "Realignment" Not Nearly Enough

Faced with a staggering budget deficit and a prison overcrowding crisis, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and the state legislature have approved legislation that would shift responsibility for low-level, nonviolent offenders and parole violators from the state Department of Corrections and... Read More