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The Top 15 Civil Rights Leaders Of The 21st Century

The overwhelming social transformation rendered in the 1950s and 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement is a milestone in American history of such magnitude that it assumes a mythological quality, almost willing us to define the future in its image. But our own post-civil rights movement era requires us... Read More

East Bay tops among California's most diverse places

HAYWARD -- Close to the geographic center of a city known as the "Heart of the Bay," Luciano Ruiz peered out the pickup window of a burger joint in what is, by one measure, the most racially diverse neighborhood in California. "There's been a mix of people here ever since I grew up," said Ruiz, 18... Read More

States making juvenile detention more localized

Driven by budget problems, states are trying to send juvenile delinquents back where they came from. California, seeking to close a $26 billion deficit, and New York, with a $10 billition budget gap, are moving to close state youth prisons for good and instead let local govermnets lock up young... Read More

Activists Still Push to Close California’s Youth Prisons

California Governor Jerry Brown recently scratched a proposal to shut down California's youth prisons. The plan had been applauded by longtime prison reform groups and was just one part of Brown's recommendations for eliminating the state's $28 billion budget shortfall. According to San... Read More

The Next Generation: A series of vignettes about youth activism across the country

Ecuadorian-born Gaby Pacheco was brought to the U.S. by her parents in 1993, when she was 7. By the time Pacheco was 18 and a student at Miami Dade College in Florida, she had started advocating for education rights for undocumented youth like her. She co-founded an activist group for immigrant... Read More

El futuro es incierto para presos jóvenes

Gobernador quiere eliminar las prisiones estatales para los juveniles SACRAMENTO.— El futuro de los jóvenes presos en el estado de California es incierto ya que para ahorrar dinero, el gobernador Jerry Brown propuso eliminar las prisiones estatales juveniles y enviarlos a las... Read More