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Man sues SFPD after being tossed from theater

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco man who went to the movies and found himself in a faceoff with cops is telling his story. He claims in a lawsuit that police used excessive force when they threw him out of a theater and there was nothing he could do to stop them. The story raises a lot of... Read More

State Juvenile Justice Agency a Step Closer to Elimination

The California Assembly Budget Committee voted Friday in favor of a provision of Gov. Jerry Brown's budget proposal that calls for the elimination of the state's youth prison system. The Department of Finance says the move would save the state $242 million over the next three years. If the proposal... Read More

"We're named after an unsung hero of the civil rights movement..."

Abel Habtegeorgis, our Media Relations Manager, speaks about our organization's legacy and what we're working on. Read More

Economy; Youth Prison Reform; Ending Black History Month

In January, California Governor Jerry Brown proposed closing the state's juvenile justice division with the goal of reducing a $25 billion deficit. Prison reformers in California and across the country are divided on how best to rehabilitate juvenile offenders. Jakada Imani, executive director of... Read More

Two questions about the plan to shut down youth prisons

Governor Jerry Brown has been throwing out some seemingly radical proposals about the future of corrections in California since he took office. Most of them involve taking responsibilities that are currently handled by the state and moving them to the counties. Why? On its surface, the Governor... Read More

Alameda County Ranks Second in Youth Slayings

Alameda County may not be as big or busy as its southern counterparts, but by at least one measure, it outpaces almost every rival: According to a study released Monday, more youth die by violence here than in any county except Los Angeles. Alameda County suffered the second highest rate of youth... Read More

Treating violence as a public health emergency

Jakada Imani is the executive director of Oakland's Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. He's called violence a public health emergency, saying that if the high rate of black murders were happening in white communities, the National Guard would be in the streets. Here's a conversation with Jakada... Read More