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Truth and Reinvestment: Why We Need Reparations for Right Now

But we can’t have effective reinvestment until we acknowledge the truth of this country’s history of racial oppression. Police violence, mass incarceration, and pervasive disenfranchisement of communities of color are the result of slavery, lynch mobs, Jim Crow, disinvestment, and... Read More

A Nonprofit Restaurant in East Oakland Will Aim to Prioritize People Over Profits

If that sounds like a good fit for Oakland, then here’s good news: The worker advocacy group Restaurant Opportunities Center United and the Ella Baker Center — the Oakland-based human rights organization — are partnering to open a new Colors restaurant in East Oakland. The... Read More

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder’s Plan to Reduce Law Enforcement Violence

“It will be a multiracial justice team. Allies can definitely play a role. But really the point is people who are directly impacted, and that often looks like black and brown people, and poor people.” She imagines the first responders could help victims file a complaint against the... Read More

The Critical Missing Piece in Reducing the Prison Population

As we work to reduce mass incarceration, we must not neglect to address the barriers the formerly incarcerated will ultimately have to face. Once they leave the iron gates and stone walls of prison, they should not have to begin a new sentence on the outside. Without ample opportunities and... Read More

Bringing a More Just World into Being: Reflections on Shutting Down the Bay Bridge

All of what I do at the Ella Baker Center is oriented toward ending the school-to-prison pipeline. It is oriented toward advancing a Truth and Reinvestment agenda; an agenda that forces us to reckon with how our country's long history of racial injustice has created a criminal justice system... Read More

The Limits of Democracy

Plus: President Obama just outlawed solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons – so what about everyone else? We’ll talk to the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights... Read More

17 Unsung Heroes of Black Lives Matter

Similar to De Mendonca, Taina Vargas-Edmond is a champion in the fight for criminal-justice reform. As state advocate for the Ella Baker Center, Vargas-Edmond works to advance the goals of the Truth and Reinvestment Campaign, building the capacity of communities throughout California to prevent and... Read More

Lewis Diuguid: Prison burdens women and families

That’s also the point of a recent report, “ Who Pays? The True Cost of Incarceration on Families .” The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Forward Together and more than a dozen other groups that work with people who’ve been incarcerated put together the study, explaining... Read More

San Francisco To Introduce Support System For Students With Parents In Prison

A report from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Forward Together, and Research Action design found that, prior to incarceration, former inmates contributed half of their family’s income . When they were locked up, prisoners’ families were responsible for paying the costs of... Read More

Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget: Rapid response

“The extremely low level of savings predicted by the governor is a disgrace to communities who critically need reinvestment in education and mental health services," said "Proposition 47 resulted in thousands more people being released from prison than initially anticipated, which... Read More