Oakland Solar Mosaic


Oakland needs more jobs.
Our community needs more solar power.
Oakland Solar Mosaic accomplishes both.

Oakland Solar Mosaic brings clean energy to communities in Oakland with an innovative twist: crowdfunding of local solar projects. The project allows people to come together to fund solar panels on our community buildings.

Will you join us by investing in a local solar project? Invest today and your investment will be matched- dollar for dollar.

With your help, Oakland Solar Mosaic has:Photo courtesy of Martijn Mollet-Molletphoto / Grid Alternatives

  • Created 110kW of community solar power
  • Generated 2,540 job hours
  • Prevented up to 2.6 million pounds of coal from burning
  • Saved vital community organizations more than $500,000 over the next 20 years
  • Piloted a model for investing in community solar that will be replicated nationally

So far Oakland Solar Mosaic has brought people-powered solar to:

The Asian Resource Center (ARC) in Oakland's Chinatown was the first organization to receive a crowdfunded solar installation through Oakland Solar Mosaic. Over 130 community members came together to invest in the 28.8kW project, saving ARC over $100,000 that they can then put back into their affordable housing work. 

The People's Grocery in West Oakland was the second organization to benefit from Oakland Solar Mosaic, with 70 community members investing in the solar project to save People's Grocery over $30,000.

St. Vincent de Paul, a job training and basic services provider in Downtown Oakland, is the newest organization to join Oakland Solar Mosaic. Join Oakland Solar Mosaic by investing in St. Vincent today!

We envision the model expanding far beyond the first four rooftops. By putting the power to finance clean energy in the hands of the community, we hope to see solar on hundreds of rooftops across Oakland, and hundreds of cities across the nation (Cleveland Solar Mosaic, Flagstaff Solar Mosaic, Portland Solar Mosaic, Detroit Solar Mosaic, Atlanta Solar Mosaic...)