Green-Collar Jobs Campaign Basics

The Green Collar Jobs Campaign builds a thriving, green economy that puts the planet and people first. We believe that our economy will be strongest when it can both restore the planet and create opportunity and prosperity for all.

Too often we are told that we must choose between jobs and the environment. This is a false choice. An economy that promotes the health of the planet as well as all workers is better for everyone.  

Our Work

In the city of Oakland and throughout California we counter the problems of pollution and poverty with a three-part strategy for change:

  • Policies- We craft -- and win -- cutting edge public policy solutions.
  • Partnerships- We build vibrant, cross-sector coalitions that include leaders from unions, green businesses, environmental organizations, social justice groups, and education and training institutions.
  • People- We put the people most impacted by poverty and pollution at the root of our solutions and at the heart of our movement.

Campaign History

The Green Collar Jobs Campaign has piloted innovative programs, won State and local policies, and built effective coalitions. Since our campaign launched in 2006, we’ve: