Communities United


Communities United empowers California’s new majority- people of color- to shape the future of health, jobs and the environment. Our statewide coalition puts the people most impacted by poverty and pollution at the root of our solutions and at the heart of our movement.  

We use a dynamic mix of electoral organizing, base building, and community engagement with low-income people and people of color. Together, we are shaping an equitable and thriving future for California.

Who are we?

Communities United is led by an Executive Committee of 5 organizations:

Communities United Against the Dirty Energy Prop

Communities United began as Communities United Against the Dirty Energy Prop. In 2010 communities of color claimed their space as the majority of California by defeating Prop 23, the dirty energy proposition. 


How did we defeat the Dirty Energy Prop?

Here are just a few of the key ingredients in our recipe for kicking Prop 23's butt:

  • We built an historic statewide coalition: More than 130 community-based organizations and leaders throughout California, with deep roots in communities of color.
  • We mobilized hundreds of thousands of voters:  We reached over 2 million people. We conducted one-on-one conversations with more than 250,000 voters through door-knocking and phone calling and we had a massive GOTV operation.
  • We sent tons of direct mail: We sent direct mail to more than 280,000 households of voters of color throughout the state, in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • We blanketed the airwaves: In the last 8 days of the campaign, we placed nearly 1,000 radio ads on Spanish language channels. The ads featured the trusted voices of human rights legend Dolores Huerta and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
  • We reached out to every ethinic media outlet in the state.
  • We held mass rallies and protests: Coalition members held several high profile rallies and protests at oil refineries and gas stations throughout the state: Wilmington, San Diego, Riverside, Fresno, and Oakland.
  • We went on a hip hop tour: Communities United inspired a statewide, solar-powered hip hop tour -- the Clean Energy Tour -- which reached hundreds of thousands of student voters.
  • We had legendary co-chairs: Human rights heroes Van Jones, Dolores Huerta, and Pam Tau Lee stepped up as endorsers and "co-chairs" of Communities United.
  • We inspired many hilarious and creative videos: See the Communities United YouTube channel.