About the Membership

Anyone, anywhere can join our membership and become connected to campaigns to move money away from prisons and police, and towards what our communities need: jobs, education, healthcare, and housing.

Through our membership, people come together to create more opportunity in our communities, and end injustice. We prioritize the needs and experiences of people who have been harmed by the justice system.

Everyone has a role to play in this movement, and we have different entry points so that anyone who wants to has a way of joining us.

Photo credit: Brooke AndersonWhat Our Members Do:

  • Build grassroots power through community outreach
  • Organize in Alameda County for the Audit Ahernm campaign
  • Demand people in power spend our taxpayer dollas on resources our communities need
  • Change unjust policies by testifying at hearings and meeting with legislators
  • Gather signatures for petitions
  • Correspond with people in prison
  • Organize and turn out for community actions

Sign up and join now, and we will be in touch with resources and events in your cities. 

If you have not already paid your membership dues for this year, click here to do so: