Frequently Asked Questions about Fundraising with the Ella Baker Center

1. What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a multi-tier approach to fundraising: supporters are asked to donate to the Ella Baker Center and create fundraising pages to enlist new support through their networks.

Traditionally, organizations like Ella Baker Center use a single-tier crowdfunding approach: people sign up for a list, and then they receive messages from the organization, including donation requests.

With peer-to-peer fundraising, you can translate your passion for Ella Baker Center into dollars and awareness by looping in your family, friends, and communities - people we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach!

2. What if I don’t know any wealthy people?

Research shows that most of the money donated in the U.S. does NOT come from the wealthy. In fact, low-income and middle class individuals give a greater percentage of their income to nonprofit and community organizations than wealthy individuals.

3. Who can I talk to if I need help?

If you get stuck or just want to talk through your ideas, send us an email.