Learning From Our Mistakes

Transforming Juvenile Justice in California

California is nursing an expensive addiction to prisons, and it starts with unnecessary lockup of our youth. How have other states and locals kicked the habit? Learning from our Mistakes is not just a film; it is a blueprint for model juvenile justice practice. By Learning from Our Mistakes, California has the opportunity to lead the nation in transforming juvenile justice systems to lift youth up rather than locking them down.

Learning From Our Mistakes is a production of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

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DVD Now Available
Order your copy of of the DVD to share with friends or donate to a school or library (available for a sliding scale donation). DVD has Spanish subtitle options. 

Host a Screening
Order the DVD, and you’ll receive a free toolkit for sharing the film with your friends, class, or community group. Every person you reach is another step toward better treatment for our youth.