Lobby Day 2018

Sunny Sacramento awaited Ella Baker Center members and allies this past Tuesday. A sea of maroon t-shirts could be spotted anywhere around the Capitol building. By 10 am, different teams headed out to meet with various elected officials and just like that EBC’s annual Lobby Day was off to its start.

EBC members and allies met with Sen. Toni Atkins’s Senior Staff, Amy Alley and Sadalia King

EBC members and allies look over material, to prepare and strategize their talking points before their first meeting of the day

EBC members and allies wait outside Senator Cathleen Galgiani’s office

Senate Bill 1391

Currently under California Law, 14- and 15- year olds, can be tried in adult criminal court and this means that they can face an adult sentence.

  • Senate Bill 1391 would ensure that 14- and 15- year olds who commit crimes are held accountable in the juvenile justice system, where they would be required to participate in treatment, counseling and educational programs.
  • Research also indicates that 14- and 15- year olds are developmentally different than adults. This was one of the four pieces of proposed legislation that EBC members discussed with elected officials.


EBC Members had the opportunity to meet with Asm. Caballero during the afternoon, in which they discussed the importance of SB 1391

Our ally Raymond, shares his experience talking to legislators and having the opportunity to explain the importance of SB 1391:

My experience was my reality, 27 years ago I was that youth being tried as an adult. I understand through first hand experience that the juveniles brain does not think as an adult, nor does one think of the consequences when your faced with adult circumstances. Having the experience to walk through the State Capital and realizing that we have the power in numbers and in our voices that can change the minds of the decision makers means that we have the opportunity to save many lives. We may not get all to agree but simply planting the seed was the objective. This is an issue that won’t go away until we stop trying California’s teens as adults. The reason it is important to pass S.B. 1391 is because simply put science backs up the fact that 14 and 15 year olds develop differently than adults and should not be treated, punished, or sentenced to prison where they themselves can become victims. Sentencing a juvenile to adult prison further criminalizes and traumatizes our youth. We should invest more on rehabilitation and self help programs and groups that youth can benefit from.

Senate Bill 1393

The Fair and Just Sentencing Reform SB 1393 (Mitchell) is a moderate reform that would increase the fairness of the justice system.

  • California’s three-strike law allows the sentence for any new felony conviction to be enhanced, by double or triple the amount of time.
  • Mandatory 5-year enhancements are often stacked on-top of the strike. Currently, the sentencing structure in California allows for enhancements that increase a defendant’s sentence far beyond the original conviction.
  • SB 1393 would restore the court’s discretion in deciding whether to impose the enhancements or not.

Thanks to the incredible work of supporters, SB 1393 has made it to the Assembly Floor! We need your continued help to pass it. Please take a minute to call your state Assembly and Senate members and ask them to vote YES on SB1393, find their number here. 

Senator Ricardo Lara met with EBC Members and Allies in the afternoon to explain the importance of SB 1391 and SB 1393

EBC ally-Philip tells us why he lobbies for justice

Assembly Bill 2138

Across the nation, about 30% of jobs require occupational licensing, and for many people, occupational licenses can make the difference between low-income jobs to a more stable middle class career.

  • AB 2138 would remove barriers to occupational licensing for many Californians who have already paid their debt to society and have demonstrated rehabilitation.
  • In more detail, AB 2138 would only allow the Department of Consumer Affairs to weigh convictions from within the previous 7 years and only if they are substantially related to the job one applies for. 

Our EBC ally- Sabina, explains to Senator Toni Atkin’s staff member Sadalia, the importance of AB 2138

EBC members pose in front of the Governor’s office in between their meetings with elected officials

Senate Bill 1437

Our members also had the chance to speak to elected officials on SB 1437 (Skinner), which would clarify that a person may only be convicted of murder if the person personally killed, or acted with an intent to kill.

  • The current felony murder rule (FMR) makes individuals automatically liable for first-degree murder, if a death occurs during the commission of certain crimes-even if the death is accidental, unforeseen, or unintended.

Senator Skinner, met with EBC members and allies

After a successful day of meeting with elected officials, EBC members and allies posed for the traditional group photo in front of the Capitol.

“So many people cry for change but the people there for lobby day were willing to take it to the Capitol and be the boots on the ground in this battle to restore justice in California for all people. I was honored and privileged to be a part of such a diverse, passionate group of people all making their voices heard and being the much needed voice for those that cannot speak for themselves”- Carie, EBC Member

Thank you to everyone who participated in #EBCLOBBYDAY2018! Thank you for helping to create change in our communities!

Make a call to your Senate and Assembly representatives and ask them to vote YES on SB 1393.

Then visit our Facebook and Twitter to see how you can continue to support SB 1393!