Lobby Day 2017

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Ella Baker Center staff and members spent the day in Sacramento lobbying for the RISE Act and Bail Reform.  

Take a look inside our day:


First stop of the day: meeting with Senator Roth’s office on #BailReform.

Nationally, 1-in-3 people are sitting in jail simply because they cannot afford bail. In California, the median bail amount is $50,000. A person’s ability to get out of jail should not depend on the size of their bank account—but right now freedom is out of reach for too many people because the money bail system punishes people for being poor. You too can make a difference, take action now from home.




 “Lobbying with other advocates has been very informative. I look forward to doing this again.” -Wanda









Ella Baker Center Staff and Members enjoying some time in the sun for lunch. 




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 Meeting with Assemblymember Bocanernegra’s office on the #RISEAct. Senate Bill 180, the Repeal Ineffective Sentencing Enhancement Act, authored by Senator Holly Mitchell, would reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system, restore balance in the judicial process, and free up funds to be invested in communities.


Pictured left to right Peggy, Grant, Zina, Paula, Ash

“Participating in today’s lobby day showed me that people actually do care about reforming the criminal justice system and the impact that it has on poor people and people of color. That gives me hope and affirmation that the work that we do with the Ella Baker Center is the right and just thing to do” - Paula Miranda. Join Paula: http://www.ellabakercenter.org/member

Meeting with Senator Stern himself on Bail Reform.

The California Money Bail Reform Act, which would safely reduce the number of people held in jail before trial and would prioritize pre-trial services to help people awaiting trial make their court appearances. Take five minutes right now to help pass #BailReform in California.



"Lobby day today was very impactful and educational. I feel like being able to tell my story changed the lawmakers' perspectives on bail impacts and my community” - Tracey



Peggy Reskin, photo by Paula Miranda

“I was impressed by the listening that we got. I appreciated my team for sharing such personal and brave stories.” - Peggy Reskin


Left photo by Paula Miranda

“Today was very educational. Our team was amazing. Emily taught us a lot. She had us go out and do it!” -Aswan

“We got our message across today!” - Ahmed




 Strategizing is key. #MajorKey




“Today was so good! I learned about how people in office are down to earth and care about making change happen. They were so willing to listen. My team was phenomenal!” - Zina pictured above left.



“While speaking to legislative staffers at the Capitol, I realized today how our representatives are constantly hearing from industries profiting from mass incarceration. The profiteers can send all the faxes and lobbyists they want, but we have stories and the vision of justice on our side” - Grant Marr


Grant Marr and Peggy Reskin, Photo by Paula Miranda

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