Truth-Telling with W. Kamau Bell—#Roots2Liberation

During our 20th anniversary event, From Revolutionary Roots to Liberated Futures, socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell will serve as the moderator of our panel discussion featuring Patrisse Cullors, Eva Paterson, and Bryan Stevenson.

Kamau is the host of United Shades of America on CNN and Kamau Right Now! on KALW. We are so excited to have Kamau moderate the panel, as we know his incisive and insightful commentary about race, politics, and many other topics will spark a thought-provoking and unexpected conversation among our panelists. 

Watch this clip of Kamau meeting the imperial wizard of the KKK during the first episode of United Shades of America:

In addition to being a powerful national voice on issues like police violence and racial injustice, Kamau has also played an important role here in Oakland to hold local elected officials accountable. Listen to his "awkward talk" with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf during a recent episode of his show on KALW, Kamau Right Now!:

"Do you think you can do a better job of communicating with the people of Oakland? Not the people in the hills and the people who don't have problems with apartments like me, but people who actually are struggling every day? Can you do a better job of letting them know, like, I don't think they feel like it's fair that they're equally as disappointed as the rich people, or they don't necessarily feel that it's accurate."

On September 8th, Kamau will continue asking tough questions during our 20th anniversary celebration, From Revolutionary Roots to Liberated Futures. Don't miss it—buy your tickets today.