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Welcome to the blog of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights! This is where we share reflections from the movement to end mass incarceration and criminalization, analysis on criminal, economic, and racial justice issues, and updates on our work. Please read, share, and comment.

A look at Gov. Brown’s State of the State address.
As the immigration reform debate heats up will we truly create a pathway to citizenship for aspiring Americans or simply follow the loser on failed, enforcement-first approaches?
A personal look into California's crowded prisoners.
We are proud to be a supporter of the Chowchilla Freedom Rally this weekend.
Last week, I spoke with...
A blog adapted from a speech given by our National Campaigner, Rev. Rhina Ramos.
In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, and shared that dream with hundreds of thousands of people on the National Mall. Today, with more than 2 million people locked...
Why Governor Brown's refusal to de-crowd California's prisons is a bad move, financially and morally, for California
The nation's largest private prison company, Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA just...
How debt impacts Americans and the Rolling Jubilee aims to help.