Call for Stories: Solitary Confinement in CA Youth Prisons

Two weeks ago, the California Senate voted to pass SB 61, a historic bill that requires California's youth prisons to limit solitary confinement – a huge step towards ending this barbaric punishment of young people.

Now the bill is headed for the Assembly, where it faces some potential resistance in committees and on the floor this summer and fall.  That’s where you come in. 

Speak Up and Keep Youth Out of Solitary Confinement

As co-sponsors, we're doing everything we can to help lawmakers understand how important it is to pass this bill. But our advocacy will have a lot more impact if they can also hear stories of youth impacted by solitary confinement.

Do you or a loved one have a story to share about solitary confinement in California's youth prisons?  Please consider sharing it with us today at

We know these stories can be painful. We also know these stories can be powerful, and that sharing them with others can create real change. Our commitment is to work with you in a way that respects your privacy and honors your experience.

Families Use Stories to Stop Torture of Solitary

Solitary confinement is considered torture by international human rights experts. Shockingly, many of our elected officials don't agree. When we introduced a bill to limit solitary last year, it didn't even make it to a Senate floor vote.

But a big reason why it's doing well this year is a group of parents and youth who used their stories about California prisons to get politicians to make this issue a priority.

They are determined that lawmakers won't get to make decisions that affect the lives of California youth without hearing from those who are most impacted.

As their allies, we're not backing down from this fight, either. Solitary confinement does irreversible damage and its use in California youth facilities is unacceptable.

Add Your Story to Create Change

Can you help us keep California youth out of solitary by sharing your solitary confinement story today?  Send me an email at

And the more stories we have the better, so please share this blog post with others in your network who have their own story or who might know someone who does.

Share your story about solitary confinement in CA’s youth prisons